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Real estate companies are constantly seeking tricks to help them list, sell and close on properties with greater efficiency. The real estate industry notoriously produces a lot of paperwork, such as offers and sales agreements, so one of the best ways to cut down on processing time is through utilizing e-signature software. 

Moving to e-signing makes buying and selling property faster and more efficient, especially when buyer and seller are many miles apart. That means that realtors don’t have to live close to their clients—and that some agencies could save around $20,000 a year in printing, gas, and document storage costs by making the switch. 

The days of handling all of your documents through printers, couriers, and scanners are over. E-signatures are increasingly indispensable in multiple industries, including real estate, and have proved transformative during the ongoing pandemic. Here are five ways e-signatures can benefit the real estate industry: 

  1. Digital signatures speed up business processes. Instead of taking the time to acquire and verify an ink signature, a digital signature allows you to confirm identity and authorize documents instantly with the click of a button.  
  2. Digital signatures are convenient. At PRUVID, we believe that “video is the new ink.” Using secure digital identity verification and digital signature processes frees up time and energy. Imagine the convenience of using one’s face to access a website or sign a document. 
  3. Digital signatures provide peace of mind. Signatures are one of the most common types of forgery and it is unfortunately fairly easy to mimic someone’s ink signature. Digital signatures are far more secure than ink signatures, giving businesses and individuals peace of mind that their information and assets are protected. 
  4. Digital signatures improve the customer experience. Businesses that offer a digital signature tool to their clients and customers are able to provide additional value in the form of ease, convenience, flexibility, and control. This makes for more satisfied customers and a better brand reputation. 
  5. Digital signatures allow for greater accuracy. Automating the identity verification and document authorization processes reduces the risk of human error. This improves outcomes across the board and can save time and money in the long run. 

Real estate agents have found that the signing process can be significantly easier by cutting the hassle out of scanning and faxing contracts for signatures. With e-signatures, clients can sign paperwork anywhere, at any time. As with other industries, adopting e-signatures can cut down hugely on the costs associated with physical documents: paper, printer ink, postage costs, and printers. Electronic signature providers are also able to keep track of alterations, creating a digital paper trail on who opened the document, who signed it, when they did so, and on what device. That makes it easier to see at a glance whether signatures have been changed without permission, altering the contract.

PRUVID is a leading provider of e-signature and identity verification software. Our cutting-edge program allows businesses in the real estate industry, entertainment industry, legal industry, and other industries to self-authenticate, secure, and export information with a 98% accuracy rate. To learn more about our software, contact one of our representatives today.