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Even in the digital age, customer service is still one of the most important factors when it comes to gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. According to Microsoft, 90 percent of Americans say a company’s customer service determines whether they will do business with them, and nearly 60 percent will switch companies because of poor customer service.  

Embracing technology doesn’t mean you need to give up on good, old fashioned customer service principles. In fact, digital tools and processes make it easier than ever to meet client needs and deliver the “wow factor.” By using technology to make the client experience fast, simple, convenient, and trustworthy, you will not only gain brand loyalty, but also positive reviews and referrals that generate more leads and clients down the road. 

Whether you are a B2B company, a B2C company, or a sole proprietorship, here are seven innovative ways you can delight your clients and boost your company reputation. 

    1. Send a personalized welcome email to new clients. This will help your client feel like they matter and are getting your personal attention, instead of feeling like just another sales number. 
    2. Send regular updates on the progress of your client accounts. No news is not necessarily good news when it comes to customer service. Sending consistent updates to your clients about the status of their project, even if the needle hasn’t moved considerably, will help them feel included and put their minds at ease. 
    3. Offer an easy way to sign documents electronically. By incorporating e-signature software into your business practices, you will eliminate the need for printing, faxing, or signing documents in person. Your clients will be grateful for the time and energy you save them and you will be able to expedite your processes. 
    4. Add a personal touch by including photos of yourself or your team in your emails. No matter how large or small your company, your clients want to feel like they are working with real humans. Personal touches like team photos in your emails or on your website can help clients feel more connected and excited to collaborate. 
    5. Include links specific to client needs. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to find the information and resources they need by sending them specific links or creating a resources or FAQ section on your website. 
    6. Make it visual. Use analytic software and digital presentation tools to make your client reports and meetings as visual as possible. Seeing progress and goals laid out visually is encouraging and inspiring to clients. 
    7. Provide your direct contact information. It is important for clients to feel like they can reach you quickly and easily if they have any questions or concerns. Give your clients direct access to your contact information so they can reach you without having to go through other people first. 

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