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As the most comprehensive digital verification service on the market, our technology can be applied to a variety of
industries. From contactless contract signatures to streamlined onboarding to instant identity checks, Pruve System
has countless benefits and integrates seamlessly with existing software. We offer premier solutions for your business including e-sign software, onboarding software, AI powered identity verification and face recognition software. Below are some of the ways our solution
can be applied:


The entertainment industry is particularly vulnerable to identity theft and intellectual property fraud. Artists need foolproof methods for copywriting their work and securing their ideas, while agents, labels, and production companies require secure solutions for e-signatures and contracts. Pruve Systems is an industry leader in remote identity verification. Entertainment professionals who utilize our AI-powered software have the ability to:

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Easily Send verification
requests, asking users to scan and submit identification

Obtain legally-binding
e-signatures within seconds

Store all personal
information, including IDs,
securely within the blockchain

Real Estate

Delight your clients with this advanced onboarding and e-signature solution that allows you to connect virtually in real time. With our video conferencing tools you’ll be able to accept photo identification and use face-recognition software to match the ID with live video. Real estate agents who utilize our software are able to:


Conduct ‘Fintech’ online transactions to eliminate fraud and identity theft

Eliminate the need for notaries and enable business transactions to be completed online

Ensure all transactions and signatures are ‘chain of evidence’ compliant


“The first e-signature platform providing multifactor authentication, ensuring a signature comes from a validated person. This is a game-changer.”

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