Modernize Your Public Services

Pruve Document Software for Government Agencies

PRUVID Business Tools

Quickly create intake forms, questionnaires, and surveys with no coding required. Also available with ID Verification and Live Video Verification.

Convert existing PDFs into fillable forms, sign documents, and share them from anywhere at any time. Also available with remote ID Verification.

Organize documents, manage accessibility, and secure sensitive data within a business or in collaboration with third parties.

Streamline Government Paperwork and Processes

Save countless hours of document signing and processing with our e-signature and identity verification services for government agencies. Surveys have found that government departments that switch to virtual onboarding and paperwork processes can save millions of dollars a year in addition to improving employee satisfaction.

Pruve can assist your agency with tasks such as:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Loan and grant management
  • Procuring contracts
  • Issuing government IDS
  • Background checks
  • Legal and compliance processes

Applications for Government Agencies

PRUVID helps local, state and federal governmental organizations quickly and securely process documents. Some of the applications of our product include:

Creating a touchless experience

Allow members of the public to self-submit documents from anywhere

Expedited onboarding

Collect, manage and store all paperwork for government workers safely and securely

Accelerated service

Expedite legal casework, streamline applications, and centralize document storage for more efficient public service

Secure your sensitive data

Using our software, businesses of all types can obtain legally-binding e-signatures within seconds and store all personal information, including IDs, securely within the blockchain. We also offer fingerprint authentication for added security and convenience.

E-signature Video Authentication

Thumbprint Authentication

Live Video Face Authentication

Onboarding Identity Authentication

Video Document Sign Verification

Photo ID Verification

Background Checks

Government Issued Scan

Document software for government agencies.