Facial recognition software is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries and experts predict it will continue to become more integrated into business processes in the future. 

While once only used by a handful of intelligence and security agencies, facial recognition has become a part of daily life for many individuals and businesses. It has taken on many applications—from unlocking phones to identifying people in social media photo posts to verifying identity for top level security clearance. 

But how exactly does face authentication software work? And how can companies leverage it to their advantage? 

Researchers and tech experts began experimenting with using computers to recognize the human face in the 1960’s. Over the past sixty years, facial authentication technology has evolved significantly, becoming incredibly precise and accurate.  

Today, face recognition software can map someone’s facial features and verify their identity using a photo, a video, or a live interaction. It does so by scanning the geometry of a face and interpreting the data as a mathematical formula which can then be compared against other formulas in the system. Some of the elements measured include the distance between a person’s eyes, the distance from their chin to forehead, and the texture of their skin. 

Face match software uses artificial neural networks to process data—a type of artificial intelligence known as “deep learning.” Deep learning algorithms mirror how a human brain learns information, utilizing increasingly sophisticated layers of processing that allow the system to extract higher level features from data. Because of this, face matching technology can have near perfect accuracy in ideal conditions and reduces the risk of fraud significantly. 

The Federal Trade Commission received 4.8 million identity fraud reports in 2020 and more than 150 million people were affected by data breaches. It is becoming more important than ever for companies and individuals to protect their assets using the most secure technology available. 

PRUVID has recognized the critical role that face authentication and artificial intelligence will play in helping individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations streamline their processes and improve security. Our live video face authentication and photo verification are the gold standard in virtual authentication with a 98 percent accuracy rate, eliminating the need to carry ID and securing sensitive data and documents. This state-of-the-art software has numerous business applications, from background checks to onboarding to digital signatures. It can even verify the identity of an individual wearing a face mask.  

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