PRUVID provides the industry’s most comprehensive and secure virtual onboarding, identity verification, and e-signature software. A business with the mission of providing next-level digital security, the firm has assembled industry leaders to merge artificial intelligence, blockchain, and biometrics for individuals to self-authenticate, secure, and export information with a 98% accuracy rate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a third of companies and governmental organizations switched to remote business operations. Experts predict that in the coming years, virtual onboarding and business processes will become the norm rather than the exception. While virtual services and processes add a level of flexibility and convenience, they may open individuals and businesses to fraud or data breaches if proper security measures are not in place. In this increasingly digital world, it is vital to be able to verify identity both quickly and securely.

Pruve has conducted many hours of research and spoken with business leaders across the country to understand the shortcomings of the current e-signature and identity verification solutions on the market. We developed our software to address these concerns and provide work process improvements through digital transformation.

Here are some of the ways PRUVID is leading the industry:

  1. Viable in court. Not all e-signatures hold up in court. PRUVID’s patent pending solution combines artificial intelligence and biometrics with blockchain technology for an unprecedented level of accuracy that is viable in any legal situation. Our system helps legal professionals save hours of time and eliminate the need for a “wet ink” signature.
  2. Digital identity verification with face masks. Face coverings have become a part of daily life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our state-of-the-art face matching technology can verify an individual’s identity with or without a face mask.
  3. Higher accuracy with diverse populations.Our face match software was developed with diverse audiences in mind. Unlike other software which may have trouble registering data across racial and ethnic demographics, our system can do so with 98 percent accuracy.
  4. Improved customer service. One of the biggest challenges with virtual onboarding and identity verification is customer service. Our system has the ability to record all meetings conducted on our platform to ensure good customer service.
  5. Multi-layer security. PRUVID assigns every individual a virtual smart card with a unique ID. For the purposes of authentication, one of the most common and effective uses of our virtual smart cards is for multi-factor authentication. Using multiple layers of security is key to maintaining our clients’ network integrity.
  6. Integration. Our software can be integrated seamlessly into a company’s existing site, app, or platform and activated immediately. This saves businesses time and allows them to improve their processes instantly

PRUVID is the “Gold-Standard,” eliminating the need to carry ID and securing our government, businesses, and personal documentation. To learn more about our software and services, contact one of our representatives today.