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If your company or personal life requires a lot of paperwork or contracts, chances are you’ve considered utilizing e-signature software. An e-signature, or electronic signature, the program collects data to confirm the identity of the person signing and marks the legal intent to sign a document. This “signature” could be in the form of a checked box, a drawn signature, or a typed one.

Electronic signatures have the ability to save companies countless hours of work by giving customers, employees, and partners the ability to access and sign the same document without having to print, mail, and fax physical copies. And due to the rise of remote work environments and work-from-home arrangements around the pandemic, it’s more common for paperwork to be handled at a distance. 

There are many e-signature companies out there to choose from, such as DocuSign, HelloSign, and SignNow. However, not all virtual document signing platforms are created equal. PRUVID leads the e-signature industry with our advanced security features and versatile document solutions. Here are some of the ways our software stands out from competitors: 

Biometric Security. Biometric technology utilizes unique physical identifiers, such as a fingerprint or retina scan, to confirm an individual’s identity. PRUVID incorporates fingerprint authentication into our identity verification and document signing software, which has the potential to save companies billions of dollars and protect their brand reputations by preventing digital breaches and ensuring the security of company and customer information. 

Viable in court. Not all e-signatures hold up in court. PRUVID’s patent-pending solution combines artificial intelligence and biometrics with blockchain technology for an unprecedented level of accuracy that is viable in any legal situation. Our system helps legal professionals save hours of time and eliminate the need for a “wet ink” signature. 

Digital identity verification with face masks. Face coverings have become a part of daily life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our state-of-the-art face-matching technology can verify an individual’s identity with or without a face mask.

Higher accuracy with diverse populations. Our face match software was developed with diverse audiences in mind. Unlike other software which may have trouble registering data across racial and ethnic demographics, our system can do so with 98 percent accuracy. 

Improved customer service. One of the biggest challenges with virtual onboarding and identity verification is customer service. Our system has the ability to record all meetings conducted on our platform to ensure good customer service. 

Better Integration. Our software can be integrated seamlessly into a company’s existing site, app, or platform and activated immediately. This saves businesses time and allows them to improve their processes instantly 

If you are looking for safe, secure, and convenient digital verification solutions, PRUVID has got you covered! We offer the best tools and software that include top onboarding software, E-sign software, biometric identification, and AI-powered facial recognition software.

The best way to explain how our software works are to show you. Contact our sales team today to get a demo of the product and learn more.